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We're there for you and your family, when you can't be.


CPR Certified. Care you can trust.

We are a small group of Moms and Grandmas, Nurses and Nannies who know all too well there is never a convenient time for the nanny to call in. While most of the time we'd rather stay home with our child ourselves, that's not always an option.

This is just one instance where parents find themselves in a childcare dilemma.  Nannies get sick and take vacation, schools close for teacher work days, spouses have to be away on business, snow days, the list goes on and on.  We are there for all of these last-minute crises.  We even help clients with chronic illness and pain conditions who could use a little extra help with kids or someone to just take over for a few hours. 

We will send one of our trusted nannies to care for your precious child in your own home, while you do what you need to do.  We will respect both your child and your home.  We will follow any written instructions you provide and we will keep you updated as to how your little one is doing throughout the day including photos, temperatures, even potty updates if you like; all on last-minute notice!  You are free to take care of what you need to, reassured that your child is comfortable in their own home.


Each nanny has passed a background check, been CPR certified within the past two years, is COVID vaccinated, had each of their references verified and has completed a face-to-face interview

"I started There There Backup Care because I realized that a woman’s career takes a hit every time she has to miss work due to family matters.  I’ve had high-paying  jobs with lots of responsibility as well as low wage jobs that I didn’t have to ‘take home’ with me.  At both ends of the spectrum are women filled with potential that often goes unrealized because she has to choose between career and family.  I want to help make life just a little easier for every mom."

Kristina Sells Bevard, MBA | Owner

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