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Interested in partnering with us to add backup care to your employee benefits package?  

Corporate Sponsored Backup Care

Attract and retain great employees and increase your bottom line with Backup Child Care. When an employee’s normal child care plans have unexpected (or pre-arranged) gaps, we will send one of our highly vetted, CPR trained nannies to your employee’s home to care for the child so the parents can focus on work. We even have options for on-site care!

You need your employees focused and productive. You can provide them options and support by partnering with There There Backup Care to save the day when the unexpected happens. Our nannies will provide updates to the parents as often as they would like to allow them stop worrying about their child so they can focus on work.

They will be reassured knowing that none of our nannies are strangers plucked from nanny search engines.  We are a small but growing, local company and this is all we do.  Our nannies are handpicked to ensure the highest level of care and expertise. Our screening process consists of a criminal and financial history, a behavioral review, conversations with at least two references, a phone interview and an in-person interview.

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