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$40 per booking

Nanny Rates paid by client at the end of each shift:

Weekdays: $26/hr for one child.

Nights & Weekends: $28/hr for one child.

Minor Holidays (MLK, Valentine's, President’s, St Patrick's, Mother's, Memorial, Father's, Labor, Halloween): $30/hr for one child.

Major Holidays (New Year's Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve): Market Rate, call for quote.

In all cases, siblings are an additional $2/hr/child.

$18 per hour, per child
Each family pays $18/hour for their first child.

What is the process for

arranging childcare?

We strive to make our registration process as simple as possible. We know you may be stressed and in a hurry - our mission is to get you quality care as quickly as possible so that you can get to what you need to do.


New Clients please first fill out the Family Registration Form and pay the one-time $75 set-up fee.

1. Fill out the Nanny Booking Request Form.  

2.  Pay the $40 Booking Fee.2

3. We will send you a photo and details about your nanny.  
4. Pay your nanny for their time at the end of the day. Current rate for nannies is $26/hour.

That's it! We'll handle the rest. 


1. Our specialist will contact you to tell you about your dispatched nanny
2. The nanny will contact you to let you know they are en route.
3. Relax knowing your children are in safe hands!

*Price too high?  Let your employer know that we are now partnering with local businesses to provide backup child care as an employee benefit!


Each family pays $20/hour for their first child. Siblings are an additional $2/child/hour. Nannies may care for no more than 4 children at one time. Each family must complete a Family Registration form as well as a Health Appraisal form and pay the registration fee if they haven't already done so.

save $10

Save $10 by Pre-Registering or referring a friend!

All educators, Veterans and Active Duty military also receive $10 off.

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