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The Truth about Norovirus

So many families have reached out to me with kiddos going through some terrible tummy trouble.

I've done some reading and here's what I found out:

  • Norovirus is definitely going around!

  • You are contagious even a couple days before symptoms start to show.

  • Norovirus can survive on surfaces and even in hot water. A bleach solution is your best bet to get rid of this virus in your home. 

  • Wash your hands, all the time, and keep sick kids home.

  • Once infected with norovirus, you are highly contagious while showing symptoms and for several days after symptoms clear up.

  • After initial exposure to norovirus, you will develop an immunity to it for several weeks.

However there is more than one strain of norovirus and you need to develop immunity to each strain. Therefore it is possible to contract one strain of norovirus, then a second strain of norovirus, as well as a third unidentified bug that seems to be going around. 

I know this isn't great news, especially if you're just seeing symptoms show up in your family. The good news is though, as long as kids are able to stay hydrated, aren't running a high fever, and aren't too lethargic, this is all easily treated at home with rest and fluids. Go to the doctor immediately if your child is crying but has no tears, you can't bring the fever down, or your normal active child is unusually lethargic for more than a few hours.



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